Sunsets and Shot Rocks BWCA 2012

The only camera on the trip had a black haze on the lense but some quality pics nonetheless. 5 nights of perfect weather, plenty of sunsets and shot rocks, no rain flies, sleeping under the stars, and even catching a handful of fish this year! We entered in Daniels Lake and paddled through Mountain and Moose Lakes along the Canadian border, down through the Fowl Lakes which are outside of the BWCA and described as “kind of a weird scene” by the Forrest Service chick who checked our permit. She also recommended some great camping sites on Fowl and John’s Lake and we took her advice. We paddled back through East and West Pike Lakes and exited out of Clearwater to a night on the town in Duluth (as usual) where at least some of us were up til sunrise.

Here’s a zip file with all the images at 1024px

Hope to see you in 2013!