Lakehouse Research

Web Development and Consulting

Lakehouse Research is a multimedia solutions provider, creative marketing team, and problem solving taskforce. We can provide:

Web Site Development

  • Design to CSS: We turn our designs or yours into semantic, cross-browser markup. Our pixel-perfect HTML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript will make your website shine.
  • WordPress: From website design to WordPress integration, to custom WordPress Theme design, we give you all the power of the most famous blog and CMS engine. Portfolios, blogs, shopping carts, and more, we make it all possible for you!
  • Custom CMS: We can build a custom Content Management System tailored to to fit the specific needs of your business. We can use the popular Drupal framework, or build from scratch using PHP and MySQL.

Maps & Data Visualization

  • Our web based maps and data visualizations are powerful communication and reporting tools. We provide custom content management systems so your data can be updated, viewed, and reported in real time!

Audio & Video

  • Audio Production: Original Composition, recording and editing using Pro Tools or Logic Studio.
  • Video Production: Video editing and special effects using Adobe Premier, Final Cut, Fireworks, and Maya.
  • Custom slideshows and interactive presentations: Great for business meetings, family events, and special occasions.

Technical Consulting

  • Website Consulting: We provide technical consulting to a variety of individuals and companies large and small. Before jumping in and making an investment in your website it’s best to talk to a professional who can listen to your needs and future goals. We provide options and recommendations but you make the final decisions. Our goal is to make sure you get everything you need without overspending.
  • International Development: We specialize in designing custom monitoring and evaluation (M&E) applications for foreign aid and international development firms. Our knowledge of USAID’s Foreign Assistance Framework means we build web-based applications that can be used as powerful real-time reporting tools. These same applications can display temporal data which can be used for data analyzing and project planning.

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